Cooline Team of East Palo Alto is now... The Cooline Organization

While Cooline is still in the official process of changing our name, we are now known as 'The Cooline Organization'. Same program, just a new name!


Our History

Cooline was created by Christian Sbragia, a 4th grader who was eager to create a safe space for children to have fun in his neighborhood. With a group of 5, they started, Cooline, a place where the community could gather, have fun and be safe. In 2019, the program refocused to serve children and teach them about emotions, empathy and friendships. Through 2020, the program grew from 15 to 500! Check out the rest to learn more!


The Story  
Of Cooline.

The mini-documentary was filmed, edited & produced for free by Museville Media.


Our Mission

Guiding Youth Towards Success

Cooline's mission is to inspire low income students of all ages to become passionate, service leaders through fun, innovative programs.


“We get to do fun activities and I get to learn how to be a better leader”

“I love how much creativity and the energy they bring into the classroom, it makes me forget about my struggles throughout the day and it makes me love being able to be in the space”

Jaylin S.

CoolineKids Afterschool Student 

Bryan Perez

Cooline Intern & Food/Activities Winter Coordinator


Our Core Values

Striving to Make a Difference

#1 Learn, we believe that education is key to success, in order to fight for the change we as a community need

#2 Fun, Kids learn through having fun: we believe in a combination of fun and community service

#3 Love, We show love by giving back to the community. Serving our community is a great way to show positive change and love. 

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Private Events

Interested in having our team run childcare or a kids station at your next event?

Cooline is dedicated to facilitating top-notch programming for children. While all of Cooline's programs are free to families in East Palo Alto, private event stations or childcare starts at $200. 100% of our charges help fund Cooline's programs. We would love to connect and discuss more!


“I feel like I make an impact as I help kids understand and express themselves through the activities that we do and the conversations we have”

Diana Torres

CoolineKids Afterschool Lead 

“We get to help other people and we get to have fun”

Nicole C.

CoolineKids Afterschool Student


Health + Wellness

Creating programs for our students that support their needs as a child.

Health and wellness take on a new meaning at Cooline. Not only do we focus on physical health and wellness, but we also dive into children's socio-emotional & mental health and well-being. Our team works tirelessly to provide programs that will offer students a holistically healthy experience. From SEL activities to art therapy, to teaching basic mental health first aid, we prepare our students to help themselves and others!


Safety + Security Is Our #1 Priority

Keeping our students & team safe from external harm & threats.

We have a wide range of policies and procedures that have been instituted to protect all students and staff. Unfortunately, to ensure the effectiveness of our policies and procedures, we keep all safety protocols confidential. If you have specific safety or security-related questions, please reach out to the Office of the Executive Director.


Board of Directors


Christian Sbragia


2014 Founding Team

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 9.07_edited.jpg

Nicole Sbragia



Nathalie Luna Nunez


2014 Founding Team


Julian Garcia

Board Member


Misla Barco

Board Member


Vida Amanat

Board Member


Olivia Cruz

Board Member