Want To Directly Serve Children?

We need passionate, loving & hardworking young people to join our Cooline Organization staff who love working with elementary-age kids! Get paid to play with kids! 

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Join Our Program Volunteer Team To Help Our Students


Join Our Team!

Want to help inspire the next generation of young people? Need community service hours for high school or college? Need a program to diversify your resume? Join our team! With a wide variety of positions, we work to attract a diverse group of middle, high school & college leaders.


Staff & Volunteers Rewards: Cash Stipends, Gift Cards, Service Hours, Free Food & More!


Volunteer & Paid Positions

Note: See application for ALL currently open positions 

To keep our program simple, we have broken it down into 3 sections

1) Service-Leadership Internship Team (Learning The Skills While In Service)

Highest time commitment, best pay & service hours. Access to leadership mentors and more!

2) Event Volunteers (Working With The Kids)

Low time commitment & fewer service hours. 1 to 2 times of service per semester.

3) Support Staff (Serving With Skill) 

Has complete freedom of work time & amount of service. Use skills you already have to give back (such as social media, fundraising, marketing, recruitment, health, sports, etc)


Event Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunity

MOST COMMON! Help run activities and projects at CoolineKids programs or events.

Support Staff


Volunteer Opportunity

Do you enjoy video/photos and want to explore your passion further? Then joining our team as a Support Staff is perfect for you!

Support Staff

Fundraising & Development

Volunteer Opportunity

Do you enjoy working to raise money for worthy organizations? Do you have an act for building connections? Then joining our team as a Support Staff is perfect for you!

Support Staff


Volunteer Opportunity

Provide consultation and advice to our project planners about food, safety, health, security, activities, development and more.

Support Staff


Volunteer Opportunity

Use ANY Skill To Help Us!


Cooline's Youth Leadership Development Program

As Cooline grows, we increasingly see that we need programs in the community to train our young people to become active leaders. In this new program that launched in March 2021, high school students learn about 4 vital leadership areas and get counseling from community leaders and local activists. In return, they work as part-time staff for our Cooline Kids team to help plan and lead our programming for children.